BUIDL Seoul 2018

BUIDL Seoul 2018

On November 29th and 30th, KryptoSeoul is organizing BUIDL Seoul 2018, a two-day academic, technical forum at the Le Meredien Seoul. Its mission is to emphasize the importance of building a product, protocol, and an ecosystem in the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry. Main audience target includes aspiring developers and students.

Rather than focusing on marketing or promoting ICOs or funds, BUIDL Seoul hopes to focus on the fundamentals and aims to deep-dive on technical and academic issues regarding the industry. We wish to shed light on projects that are truly contributing to the industry, and to facilitate technical discussions concerning scalability, security, privacy, distributed systems, consensus algorithms, etc. Furthermore, the forum will dive into use cases that are intrinsically and potentially valuable.

The forum will be located in the center of Seoul, which is rapidly becoming a hub for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Although a large portion of recent conferences has focused on commercial and investment value of the cryptocurrency market, we wish to differentiate BUIDL Seoul by being technical and constructive. The ultimate goal for the forum is to create a balance between technicality and public interest.

Confirmed speakers include Jae Kwon, Jameson Lopp, Loi Luu, Will Martino, Dovey Wan, John Lilic, Maclane Wilkison, Ryan Singer, Benny Giang, Professor Junghee Cheon, Professor Yongdae Kim, Josh Fraser, Matthew Di Ferrante, Awa Sun Yin, Jason Fang, Guy Zyskind, Ameen Soleimani, Virgil Griffith, Raj Gokal, etc.

Participating projects include Cosmos, Cryptokitties, Kadena, Solana, Polkadot, Solana, Chia Net, Nucypher, Enigma, Origin Protocol, Kyber Network, Quantstamp, BeeToken, Spankchain, Republic Protocol, etc.


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